Wedding List Top Tips

Alexanders Wedding Lists NI Top Tips

At Alexanders we have been helping couples put together their dream wedding gift lists for over 25 years. We have gained a lot of knowledge over the years, and we want to share our top tips for creating your wedding gift list.

Consider the size of your wedding.

Think about how many people you have invited to your wedding and ensure that you have included enough on your list. You will be surprised at the generosity of your guests when celebrating your incredibly special occasion, so do not be worried about adding a good variety of items. You are not obligated to purchase items that are not bought for you, so why not ensure you have a broad selection of gifts that your guest can choose from.

Include a range of price points to suit all budgets.

We know the idea of asking people for gifts is awkward, but remember your guests want to buy you something they know you are going to love. Our advice is to ensure that you include a variety of items at different prices to suit all budgets, from kitchen utensils and home accessories right up to larger items like mirrors, Kitchen Aid mixers and even a BBQ. 

Think about what you need for each room in your house.

Creating your wedding list together gives you the opportunity to build your home together so make sure you think about each room in your house and what you actually need. At Alexanders we can help you choose from all the following:

Kitchen/Dining - cutlery, dinnerware, glasses, kitchen utensils, baking utensils, ovenware, saucepans, knife blocks, chopping boards, microwaves, kettles, toasters, mixers, slow cookers, air fryers and lots more.

Bathroom - towels, bathmats, soaps and body wash, home fragrances, mirrors, and lots more.

Bedroom - bedding, sheets, throws, cushions, lamps, pictures, shelves, furniture, and lots more.

Living Room - styling accessories, silk flowers, clocks, pictures, photo frames, candles & diffusers, cushions & throws, lamps, side tables, coffee tables and lots more.

Garden - Weber BBQs, Ooni pizza ovens, bistro sets, plant pots and lots more. 

Other Essentials - irons, ironing boards, clothes horse, laundry baskets and lots more.

Choose gifts that will last!

When you choose excellent quality pieces you will have them for years to come. One of the lovely things about wedding gifts is being able to look at them in years to come and remember who bought it for you, reminisce about happy memories and think back to your wedding day. Plus, your guests want to buy you items they know you will have for years.

At Alexanders we pride ourselves on stocking top quality items from world leading brands, so we have plenty of choice for you.

Don't forget you can add gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers can be another great option, guests can choose an exact amount to suit their budget and it means you can enjoy some shopping after your wedding.

Enjoy it!

Make sure you enjoy the process and take it all in. At Alexanders we want to help you as much as possible to ensure that setting up your wedding list is enjoyable and easy as possible. Let us know if there is anything else we can do!